Did you see me play somewhere...  

... but you cannot quite remember where? Let’s see.

Maybe you saw me at one of the following events:

  • L'Osteria in Agathenburg

  • Center Park Nordseeküste

  • Im "Fiddlers" in Stade

  • Das "Paparazzi“ in Klecken – Tanz in den Mai

  • Auf dem Maifest / Scheunenfete in Tetendorf bei Soltau

  • Dorfkrug in Lüllau

  • Altstadtdfest in Buxtehude

  • Güterschuppen in Hemmoor

  • Bei der Einweihungsfeier der DTG – Agentur in Bispingen

  • „LIVE“ im Primus – Weinbar in Buxtehude

  • Therme Live in Soltau

  • Sporttage des TSV Osten

  • „Tag der Bildung und Kultur“-Bühne und am Stand der
    "PowerVoice-Academy Soltau"




Or maybe at a private event such as:

  • Junggesellenabschied in Stade in der „Greun Diek“

  • Hochzeiten in Hamburg und dem Alten Land

  • Jubiläumsfeiern,

  • Grillfesten oder Sommerparties rund um Hamburg



Or maybe you saw me while I lived in France?
  • „Woodstock“ – Konzert in Merville

  • La Scala in Seilh

  • Carpe Diem in Cornebarrieu

  • Café de L’Horloge in Mondonville

  • Montecito in Beauzelle

  • Biergarten in Cornebarrieu

Wherever you are planning an event with live music to make it extra special, feel free to contact me.

Over the years, I have developed a good feeling for the right atmosphere for gigs,
be it in very intimate circles or bigger events like weddings.

Now you can take advantage of my experience if you let me play at your event!
Check out my sound on the Playlist page.