Mark Eaton Ė thatís meÖ

Öborn in 1973 in the heart of the Luneburg Heath in the small town of Soltau, Iíve had a passion for music since I started Kindergarten. This was proved in my first report card, which stated: Mark likes to sing! My family was very happy about that and supported me wherever possible.

When I was nine years old, I received my first piano lessons, and it
didnít take long until my family gave me my first small home organ. In school, I jumped at every opportunity to learn electronic bass, drums and the guitar, so I could broaden my musical horizons.


After a while I decided that bass was too monotonous for me and the drums were too loud to bother my family with, so I decided to pursue the guitar.

As the guitar by itself still was a bit boring, I started to accompany myself with my singing. At first there were a few hitches here and there and sometimes it would sound a bit off, but all that quickly vanished with practice. I liked that a lot! 
It was only natural that I shared my new skills with my brother and we jammed together until I started my apprenticeship. This new and exciting career took my focus off singing and the guitar for a long time.

A tragic blow of fate in June 2006* was the reason for me to dedicate myself to music again and that is why today, after more than four years, here I am: MARK EATON - Oldies , Rock & Pop!


* "In Memoriam" Thomas Eaton June 12th 1978 - June 30th 2006